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Corporate development strategy:
Guided by corporate culture, supported by talent strategy; dedicated to product innovation, technical innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation; occupying high-grade market with differentiated strategy and creating a century Fengya.

Corporate tenet:
Practical-minded, creative, voluntary work
Working in a steady way, being a human in an upright way are style of Fengya people. To strengthen corporate core competitiveness with realistic spirit and unceasing creation and progress; to provide high-quality products and service and bring benefits to the society and human beings

Fengya core value:
Responsibilities—responsible to the society, users, enterprise and ourselves
Fengya people deeply understand:
With responsible spirit, you will not be abandoned by the society; with responsible spirit, you will build up a responsible team and provide top-rank products and service, and be accepted by market. Fengya people try to guarantee completion of goals, realization of strengthening, and enlarging corporation with responsible system. Such responsible spirit, reflected in Fengya products, deeply involved into Fengya people’s blood and attached to corporate brand, has become our common value and core competitiveness.

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